Reveiw: A Lesson in Thorns by Sierra Simone

Sierra Simone is a go to banana pants wild ride of an author for me. A Lesson in Thorns does not disappoint, but it doesn’t quite stand up as strong as her standalones for me.

The plot revolves around a group of six friends who were pulled apart as kids. The reunite as the house Thorncombe is undergoing renovations. I don’t want get to detailed on the whole plot because honestly it’s a ride.

It’s easier to talk about what I liked in this book which was the writing, the way it all unravelled. Sierra Simone is a poetic writer and her books kind of unfurl like a flower as you read them. You pick up new words. The sex scenes are incredible and tantalizing.

The things I didn’t love are more numerous. It was a winding plot. Oftentimes you were left feeling confused on the story and wondering what was going to happen. It all fell together a little to nicely at the end. The characters get some growth, but not enough with each one to explain some of the end. The attempts to be mysterious was meh. This book is so different from anything else by Sierra Simone as a series it really does end on a cliffhanger a big pet peeve for me.

I’m still interested in reading the next one, but I figure it will take me awhile to get through it. I come to Sierra Simone for a wild ride and this just felt like a long prologue to what is coming in the next few books.

Rating: 3 Stars

HEA/HFN: No, this is a series with a cliffhanger

Representation: LGBTQIA+

Content Warnings/Trigger Warnings: Deceased Parents, Murder, BDSM, Blood


Review: Wicked and The Wallflower by Sarah MacLean


Hello, I am Isabel and I’m addicted to Sarah MacLean. If nothing has confirmed it this book has. I need to finish reading her backlist and I need every other book in this new series immediately.

We open by meeting Felicity Faircloth who you might remember from book 3 in Scandal and Scoundrel series. Don’t worry though you really don’t need the backstory for this one, but you will finish it and want to go back to those it’s pretty arbitrary details overall.

Either way I love the fact that this world ties into my favorite series by MacLean and we follow quite possibly the most interesting wallflower I’ve ever met. Felicity is full of independence, surprises and no fear of her emotions when comes down to getting what she wants. Devil is the king of the underground and running ice… Well more than ice but really that’s the key point. We follow Felicity and Devil as they both try to play each other for different means. I’ll leave the plot at that.

Let’s talk about the writing and how amazing this book is. I have read 7 of her books to date and this one is my favorite. The world building was incredible, I could see it all so vividly it was incredible. I can’t wait to see the rest of this world!

This is a must read for any of my romance friends 5/5 stars go pick this up!


Something on Sunday January 7, 2018


I can’t believe we are one week into the new year now. But here we are and I’m kind of excited for the new year and new opportunities.

Grateful For…

I’m just really grateful for the people around me. My friend Ness and I just launched a youtube channel to talk about romance books called Happy For Now. I’m beyond excited for it all.  Also it’s a lot less scary entering into something like this with a friend.

Excited for…

This new photo challenge I’m partaking in. Instead of 365 photos a year i’m shooting for 1 a week to be tucked away into my planner each week. I’m bad about taking photos that aren’t the dogs so this will motivate me. Plus it’s got some prompts. It’s #QHphotochallenge on instagram.

So far so good on the first week of the new year. How was yours? Anything good coming up for you?



Tracking my Reading in 2018

I’m starting to get all reflective and shit about the last year. Currently I’m reflecting on how I tracked things. I have an almost completely filled Hobonichi Techo and a new one waiting for me on January 1st. It’s pretty great to pick up my 2017 one and see it all chunky from use.

I feel like there are so many different apps and tools out there to track reading. I want to really simplify my life when it comes to these items so here is my arsenal for reading tracking next year.

  1. Bookout is my new default tracking method. I want to utilize it starting January 1st to make a real effort to track how much time I spend reading, quotes and memorable items from each book I’m reading. I like that the app has a running time you can pause and add notes from for each book.
  2. Goodreads will of course be utilized like always, but I plan to take my TBR down on there by a LOT.
  3. Reading bullet journal – I’ve been doing this since I started blogging and using a cahier sized notebook to track books read and blog posts each month. It’s gone great so far and I update it once a week or so. It’s the failsafe if technology ever fails me I have it as a back up.
  4. A google sheet – I want to track books that interest me in 2018 on it, what I read in 2018 and hopefully continue to use the sheet in years to come. Again another failsafe from other sites.

How do you track your reading? What are you reflecting on about 2017? Do you plan to make 2018 at least a bit better?



Something on Sundays: December 10, 2017

So I discovered TNT is running Star Wars on repeat all weekend. Let’s just say it’s all the good I needed in my life. Seriously as the background to my reading it’s been perfection.


I’m always here for Star Wars and Carrie Fisher goodness.

What else is good on this sunday or past week? Well I’ve tackled quite a few things this weekend. Including a new comforter for the day bed in my office, finishing a book and wrapping up the one I’m reviewing on Tuesday!

It’s been a weird week over. I think it’s the wind up to the holiday season. I’m doing my best to be in the cheer of the season, but so far it’s lacking.

What do you do to get into the holiday mood?



Something on Sundays November 27, 2017


Thrilled by

Seeing Thor for the second time on Thanksgiving, but with the family. My mom spent a lot of the day talking about how good the movie was. It really is a GREAT movie. Go see it if you haven’t. I will forever live in my Thor fangirl world now.


The last book club book was Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzie Lee. Let’s just say it’s a new favorite and talked about it for over an hour! Seriously new favorite book.

You can watch us talk about it here.




Something on Sunday November 19, 2017

It’s been a not great week, but I continue to find joy in this theory.

Tomorrow I drop my car off at the repair shop for work. I’m thankful I can afford the deductible.

I’m excited to eat Pad Thai tomorrow at my birthday lunch.

This week is a stretch, but I’m hoping for a better list next Sunday.

What brightened your week?


Something on Sunday November 12, 2017

Yet another Sunday. Yet another week that has me going WOW this is the world we live in?

The Reckoning

It’s been incredible to see so many people standing up to say Me Too and out these awful people who have been getting away with assault and all kinds of bullshit over the past few months. Every time a new name is trending I’m wondering what is happening. I’m elated and hopeful that Gal Gadot sticks with the no Wonder Woman if Ratner isn’t removed. This is the reckoning of bad behaviour and if we can do nothing, but slowly get rid of this kind of awfulness for now then I’m a little okay with that.

Reading Fun

I just got home from Y’all Fest and learned a ton. It was really overwhelming and cool to attend. Every single author I met was incredibly kind and so loving towards their fans. I loved seeing these girls and their moms in line for authors. Along with those who are in my age group too, but really seeing younger generations who are big readers is heart warming.

Oh and I snagged a much coveted Zenith ARC and formed a line for what was being handed out after the booth closed down. So Achievement unlocked? I got to be the beginning of a line.

Grateful for

my SO who went with me to Y’all fest. He stood in a line for Zoraida Cordova for me since I couldn’t be in two places at once. I’m really happy he went with me and didn’t complain at all about the entire lack of interest he has in YA fiction. Well honestly most reading, but that’s okay because he just liked seeing me enjoying myself this weekend. Let’s be real it can be kind of awkward to be in a place that you have 0 familiarity with or knowledge of.

This week was a mixed bag. I hope you had a good week and let me know something that brightened it for you below!