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Finish it Friday: The Broken Earth Series by N.K. Jemison


I finished my first trilogy wrap up. Now it’s time to start on the next one. This series was started via book club and I LOVED the first one. It’s definitely time to come back to it though and finish the whole series in one go.

If you’re curious on my initial thoughts of book one you can watch the book club here.

The book covers for this series are just jaw droppingly gorgeous too. I’m a little sad there aren’t hardcovers for it.


I started The Fifth Season reread at work this week and am left feeling like wow why did I wait so long!

Have you read this trilogy? If no get to it!


Something on Sunday January 7, 2018


I can’t believe we are one week into the new year now. But here we are and I’m kind of excited for the new year and new opportunities.

Grateful For…

I’m just really grateful for the people around me. My friend Ness and I just launched a youtube channel to talk about romance books called Happy For Now. I’m beyond excited for it all.  Also it’s a lot less scary entering into something like this with a friend.

Excited for…

This new photo challenge I’m partaking in. Instead of 365 photos a year i’m shooting for 1 a week to be tucked away into my planner each week. I’m bad about taking photos that aren’t the dogs so this will motivate me. Plus it’s got some prompts. It’s #QHphotochallenge on instagram.

So far so good on the first week of the new year. How was yours? Anything good coming up for you?


Reading Recaps

Top 17 in 2017

2017 is over and I’ve got 17 books I loved this year. I’m going to lump any series I read together. Below is my complete list of top 17 books. It was really hard to pick a top 17 honestly and I struggled with it. I read 121 books in 2017 and a lot of them were very good (3-5) star reads.  My goodreads overview is here.

1. Shades of Magic by V.E. Schwab – this was my first finish it series and I can’t believe I waited so long to read them. The best series I’ve read recently and such an adventure to take in.

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Tracking my Reading in 2018

I’m starting to get all reflective and shit about the last year. Currently I’m reflecting on how I tracked things. I have an almost completely filled Hobonichi Techo and a new one waiting for me on January 1st. It’s pretty great to pick up my 2017 one and see it all chunky from use.

I feel like there are so many different apps and tools out there to track reading. I want to really simplify my life when it comes to these items so here is my arsenal for reading tracking next year.

  1. Bookout is my new default tracking method. I want to utilize it starting January 1st to make a real effort to track how much time I spend reading, quotes and memorable items from each book I’m reading. I like that the app has a running time you can pause and add notes from for each book.
  2. Goodreads will of course be utilized like always, but I plan to take my TBR down on there by a LOT.
  3. Reading bullet journal – I’ve been doing this since I started blogging and using a cahier sized notebook to track books read and blog posts each month. It’s gone great so far and I update it once a week or so. It’s the failsafe if technology ever fails me I have it as a back up.
  4. A google sheet – I want to track books that interest me in 2018 on it, what I read in 2018 and hopefully continue to use the sheet in years to come. Again another failsafe from other sites.

How do you track your reading? What are you reflecting on about 2017? Do you plan to make 2018 at least a bit better?



Review: A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab


Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Series: Darker Shade of Magic

Book number in series: 3

Rating 5/5 Stars

Amazon | Goodreads






Wow. I’m still in shock over this whole series. Why did I wait so long? Why am I so devastated but also relieved by the end of it?

One of the best things I’ve read this year was this series. I honestly don’t know how I can not recommend it to almost everyone.

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Review: Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee


Genre: Historical Young Adult GentlemansGuide

Series: Kind of

Book number in series: 1

Rating 5/5 Stars

Amazon | Goodreads







This book. This one right here is goddamn magic. We join Monty, Percy and Felicity on an adventure across europe.  This book holds so much joy, misery and range of emotions. It’s really quite the journey. I honestly don’t know how Mackenzi Lee managed to write such an amazing book that spoke to me so strongly.

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Review: Amid the Winter Snow Anthology


Genre: Romance – Fantasy and Paranormal

Series: No

Rating: 4/5

Amazon | Goodreads









I think it is easiest to draw these out into mini reviews for the four short stories. The entire collection is really solid, but the breakdowns give a better look at how they all shine.

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