About Me and FAQs

Hello there!

I’m Iz. I read a ton of books and they vary in genre pretty vastly, but I would say romance is my main genre. No matter what I’m reading I love talking about books so feel free to follow me on twitter and chat with me!

Wanting to send ARCS?

I do accept ARCs, but if you want me to review a book I need 2 months notice for release. Email wrightherereading@gmail.com with the following in the subject – Title/Author/Genre/Release Date. I can’t guarantee I will post a review by release of the book if I don’t have 2 months notice and don’t respond saying I will post on X day.

Where do you get your review books from?

Most books I read are ones I’ve purchased or checked out from the library. Sometimes I do get an ARC and will review that as well. You can tell what is an ARC by the tags. I will always tag something as from netgalley or as ARC. I also call out that I was given the book for review. My reviews are always honest opinions though.

Amazon Affiliate

I am an amazon affiliate. If you buy books it help support the book blog hosting fees and me buying books.

Let’s be real though it buys me more books. This is just here because I want to be transparent as I run the links on my blog to amazon.