Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

collage image. Close up on a flag with a star for texas, then a zoomed out shot of a round dome building with flowers. Text reads "She's very much what Alex holds in his memory as the sanctified idea of southerness at it's best: always generous and warm and sincere, work-strong and reliable, a light left on. Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

When I picked up Red, White & Royal Blue at Apollycon 2019 I knew I was interested in the book’s plot, but I didn’t realize how much I needed it in the current climate. Casey McQuiston acknowledges she started this before 2016’s election and it gives the idea of a future much different than today’s. It’s full of hope and love something we need more of every day.

We follow Alex Diaz-Claremont and his journey of self discovery and love with none other than His Royal Highness Prince Henry (HRH). I have to say that  Casey McQuiston really delivers the angst in a fast paced and delightful story. I at the very least experienced a lot of emotions in my reading of this book. The act of discovering one’s sexuality and coming to terms with it was very real for me. It resonated in so many ways.

I will say this book hits more of the new adult category than adult romance. It’s angsty it’s that age of inbetween (21-23) with a lot of self discovery. I don’t think people who generally don’t read YA and romance would enjoy it. I really found it bridging the gap between the two for me.

I’ve marked up my book and I can’t wait to read this one again and again. If you need a little hope and joy right now I can’t recommend Red, White & Royal Blue enough.


Representation: Mixed Race, LGBTQIA+

Content Warnings/Trigger Warnings: Child Abuse (off page), drug abuse (off page talk of rehab too), deceased parent

ARC for review provided by St. Martin’s Press on Netgalley

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