Review: The Bride Test by Helen Hoang

The Bride test is everything. I was nervous to read Helen Hoang’s sophomore release because of how much I loved The Kiss Quotient.

I’m excited to say I adored this book. I devoured it and ignored the world to finish it.

The Bride Test begins in Vietnam where Esme lives and meets Khai’s mother. She is talked into coming to America for the summer to try and date Khai. Khai thinks he is broken and unable to feel love. SURPRISE! We get to spend the next 320 pages or so watching them fall in love.

This book hit all my soft spots. I just loved it so much. I finished it in under 24 hours and really want to re-read it already. Helen Hoang did a wonderful job crafting a story about finding love right in front of you. Finding a purpose and identity when it feels impossible.

Khai manages to tackle a lot of his internalized feelings about how he is less than worthy but in a really great way, but most of all I read for Esme. I can not express how much joy I found reading Esme’s story. Heartbreak too but she was such a strong character. Getting to see her grow so much and find her own path even just over a summer was beautiful.

Rating: 5 Stars


Representation: Autism

Content Warnings/Trigger Warnings: Death of a close friend

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