Review: Amid the Winter Snow Anthology


Genre: Romance – Fantasy and Paranormal

Series: No

Rating: 4/5

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I think it is easiest to draw these out into mini reviews for the four short stories. The entire collection is really solid, but the breakdowns give a better look at how they all shine.

The Darkest Midnight – Grace Draven

I’m a big fan of Grace Draven and that is what drew me to this anthology honestly. The novella doesn’t disappoint and features all the things I really love about her writing in a compact form. Seriously read her books they won’t disappoint and this novella is a great way to get a taste of her writing. The story features an imperfect heroine and hero. It’s a drawn out romance built on kindness. Which is delightful.

4.5 Stars!

The Chosen – Thea Harrison

Wow! So I’ve only read one other book by Harrison and now I need to go back for more. This novella has left me in a pile of mush. It was so delightful and so charming. I loved reading as Lily and Wulf fell in love. I loved how it worked out and how strong of characters they were. Seriously this novella could have easily been a 300 page book that I would have devoured.

5 stars! I love love loved this one!

The Storm – Elizabeth Hunter

So this one is the epitome of sweet and long lost loves. My eyes watered a few times while reading this story. It was heartbreaking and heartwarming. Which is great since Hunter gives you a great payoff at the end.

I think I was a little lost on the world at first with this one, but Hunter manages to expand a ton of the world and leave you feeling connected even if it ties into her other series.

4 Stars!

The Snows of Windroven – Jeffe Kennedy

I was not sold on this one as I started it honestly. It wasn’t badly written but I was left mad at the characters for not understanding each other better. Obviously that is a pretty normal situation. By the end though I was in and really interested in the world that this book takes place.

We follow Ash and Ami as they work through relationship problems and communication issues. Slowly the realizations come about why neither one is happy apart.

4 stars!

Final Thoughts

Overall this collection is a really solid 4. I highly recommend it if you want something set in wintery to read while it’s chill outside.










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