Review: Bad For Her by Christi Barth


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Series: Yes (but still could be a stand alone)

Book Number in Series: 1

Rating: 3/5

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I’m a sucker for the bad boy plots in romance novels. This one definitely hits those points. It’s just not everything I wanted from one.

Barth delivers with plot and story. Character growth is meh. I wasn’t in love with Mollie as a person nor did I feel she was anything more than flat. It seemed like she was just there as a love interest while Rafe was more defined as a character.

The plot isn’t overdone for me in the contemporary romance scene. Rafe is on the run with the witness protection program with his three brothers from the Chicago mob. So we watch as they manage to settle into a small town somewhat. Oh and lots of sex in weird locations. I’m not anti this obviously, but sometimes I kept thinking “there is no way that works or is comfortable” when it happened. I’m the first one to suspend reality for a book but these sections just took me off guard. It’s not vulgar or badly done, but the locations made it awkward and really unsexy.  This could just be a me thing too of course.

For me I wasn’t finding myself running to finish this book, it seemed to drag on for longer than needed. I still enjoyed how it all played out. So I landed at a 3/5. It’s not bad and it’s not amazing. I liked it for the most part, but was still left wanting more. I settled there because I don’t find myself not interested in the sequel for this book also. The brothers are interesting enough that reading more about them sounds like fun.

If you want a light read with some interesting story then pick it up. It’s definitely not a bad choice.

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