Cheap or Free Book Review: Beauty and the Goblin King by Lidyia Foxglove

This series is about reviewing the freebies or super cheap books I occasionally pick up and binge read. My habit might be weird, but sometimes I want to read something like this as a palette cleanser. It helps me bridge the journey between two books after reading something a little heavier.



Genre: Romance Fantasy

Series: Fairy Tale Heat

Book Number in Series: 1 of 7

Rating: 3/5 Stars

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I picked up this one because the title drew me in. I left surprised. I go in with pretty low expectations on these books. I plan to read something that is okay and not amazing, but still attention grabbing and like a good bag of popcorn you can’t stop.

The plot of this one is predictable of course, but still manages to have some twists. I was left happy with my decision to spend $2.99 on this. You follow Sabela as she tries to help her family who lost everything. We have our traditional pretty awful sisters who are okay with her going off to give up her virginity to the Goblin King so they can have gold.

Now our Goblin King tale of why he was cursed by a faery slowly gets revealed and we begin to find out how Sabela can save him. Of course he is resistant at first and then slowly also falls in love with her.

This story consists of some decent sex scenes, good suspense and references to the stories they are intertwining.

At the end of the day it’s a good 3/5 book. I don’t think it’s an amazing show stopper, but as a quick like one short sitting read it’s a great pick. I do think I would read the other novellas basically in this series to see how she treats the other stories.


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