Something on Sunday November 12, 2017

Yet another Sunday. Yet another week that has me going WOW this is the world we live in?

The Reckoning

It’s been incredible to see so many people standing up to say Me Too and out these awful people who have been getting away with assault and all kinds of bullshit over the past few months. Every time a new name is trending I’m wondering what is happening. I’m elated and hopeful that Gal Gadot sticks with the no Wonder Woman if Ratner isn’t removed. This is the reckoning of bad behaviour and if we can do nothing, but slowly get rid of this kind of awfulness for now then I’m a little okay with that.

Reading Fun

I just got home from Y’all Fest and learned a ton. It was really overwhelming and cool to attend. Every single author I met was incredibly kind and so loving towards their fans. I loved seeing these girls and their moms in line for authors. Along with those who are in my age group too, but really seeing younger generations who are big readers is heart warming.

Oh and I snagged a much coveted Zenith ARC and formed a line for what was being handed out after the booth closed down. So Achievement unlocked? I got to be the beginning of a line.

Grateful for

my SO who went with me to Y’all fest. He stood in a line for Zoraida Cordova for me since I couldn’t be in two places at once. I’m really happy he went with me and didn’t complain at all about the entire lack of interest he has in YA fiction. Well honestly most reading, but that’s okay because he just liked seeing me enjoying myself this weekend. Let’s be real it can be kind of awkward to be in a place that you have 0 familiarity with or knowledge of.

This week was a mixed bag. I hope you had a good week and let me know something that brightened it for you below!


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