Review: The Crown of Embers by Rae Carson

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy CrownofEmbers

Series: Fire and Thorns

Book Number in series: 2 of 3

Rating: 3/5 Stars

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Crown of Embers is a great sequel, but suffers from what I find to be the  usual mid book in a trilogy failings. Slow plot, but the build up is essential to the third book. Still this was enjoyable especially the last 25%. Also that romance! I got so happy and swoony over it.

The Crown of Embers picks up right where we left off with book one. Elisa is the queen and we are thrown right into a pile of political intrigue to be navigated. Elisa is lost and looking for support from her close team Ximena,  Hector, Mara, new addition to the team and Belen is pretty great.

Let’s just say the end of the book includes an ultimate YES when she declares love for the new love interest who I’ve kinda been rooting for since book one somehow. I got pretty excited. Seriously everything was worth it once I reached the end of the book. I’m ecstatic to read book three and hoping it ends strongly.

Carson excelled at writing a sequel that hits my normal pain points for sequels, but leaves me EXTREMELY pumped for book three.

What are my sequel pain points? One is that I sequels often provide mostly context and filler to bridge the first and second book.  Then a lack of real character growth. Often it’s based around the characters existing in the world. Is this an awful thing? No it’s not, but I often find that it drags and leaves me feeling meh about a sequel.

Good news is that Carson avoids most of my annoyance with this stuff because she managed to write a ton of character growth in that last half of the book. Y’all seriously that ending with [REDACTED] and [REDACTED].  I don’t want to spoil it but IT WAS INTENSE and insane and I’m so flipping proud of the decisions Elisa made. She’s becoming a real queen and I can’t wait for her to kick ass in book three!



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