Finish It

Finish It! Shades of Magic



I’m a chronic never finish a series person. Seriously it’s bad. I constantly get mostly through a series and leave it sitting. I don’t want to leave the world or I don’t want to read book two then wait for book 3 to release. 

At least that’s what I tell myself as my TBR piles up and I never seem to marathon a whole series anymore.

So here I am now starting a regular update to encourage me to actually finish up series. The first series I am going to read is Shades of Magic. I read book one last year loved it. Then I waited to read book two because I knew book three was on the way. Yeah that never happened. Now I have restarted my audiobook journey with A Darker Shade of Magic.

So far this book is better the second time around. Honestly I am in love with Schwab’s writing and world building. The idea behind multiple Londons that are cut off from each other each one slightly different is mesmerizing. I’m finding myself super engaged as I listen at work and throughout the day. I plan to be done with this one ASAP and I’ll review it next friday! 

Here I am though done with the first book. Pumped to move onto the next and ready to tackle the whole series!

Do you have a series that has been sitting unfinished on your TBR pile forever? Let me know below and maybe I’ve read it or left it sitting there forever as well. Also let me know if you are a marathon reader or a space them out kind of reader with series.




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