Rest of 2017 Reading Goals

Organize. How is the year almost over? I can’t believe we are here and heck even October is almost over!

I hit my goal for the year of 100 books read. Currently sitting at 103 books. So I wanted to re-evaluate my goals for the rest of the year. Like what series should I finish what series do I want to start? What kind of books do I want to read?

My first goal is to start my new blog series called Finish It! This will include me finishing up series like Shades of Magic.

Next I want to participate in a few more readathons. I think the first one will be October 22nd – October 28 for the Autumn Readathon aka happening right now. Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite readathon or one you recommend.

Finally I want to read more comics, poetry and different books. I’ve been neglecting a pile of comics, manga and just other genres lately for escapism into romance and YA. It’s time to embrace the cooler weather and journey into some other genres. Maybe some cozy mystery type stuff. I’m not sure what else, but I’m excited to take the jump back into other book genres.

What are you reading goals for the rest of the year? Did you already hit your goal to read a certain number of books? Let me know below and drop your suggestions for readathons!


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