Review: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

MaraDyer1Genre: Young Adult Paranormal

Series: Yes

Book number in series: 1 of 3

Rating 4/5 Stars

Amazon (currently 1.99 on kindle!)



Content Warning: Abuse and talking crap about mental illness medication.



Initial Thoughts

I was left pretty curious about this after seeing tons of booktubers talking about it. I saw my library had it and jumped on it.  The plot is around Mara Dyer discovering what is wrong with her after losing her friends in a tragic accident. I’m gonna leave the plot at that and instead talk about my experience reading it.

So I devoured this book in the matter of a few short sittings. It’s great I loved the way things are unravelling and how confused you get to be as a reader. I mean you are constantly left wondering what exactly is going on. It’ slowly becomes clearer, but then the book ends and I basically yelled. Awful cliffhanger, but also I want to devour book two like right now, but I’m waiting on it to come in from the library.

I thoroughly appreciated that the author made some comments about role reversal as far as the paranormal parts go. It was a nice addition when the few things that bothered me. I noted those items in the content warning above.

This is a great paranormal suspense filled book. Mara Dyer has something going on with her, but also an intriguing male lead. Noah Shaw is pretty amazing. There is plenty of teenage angst and normal teenage behaviour in this too.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think you can go wrong if the kindle book is still $1.99 when you read the blog. It’s really addictive and fun to read. The ending is a massive cliffhanger though so be prepared to want to continue with the series!

Have you read this series? Anything I need a heads up about let me know below!

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