Something on Sunday: Oct. 22, 2017

Hello hello! It’s sunday again! I missed last week because I was at Disney World on vacation.

This week was decent. I had a 3 day work week of hecticness because of being back from my trip. It ended on a totally awesome note though with a great weekend! We are celebrating the SOs birthday this weekend so yummy dinners and time to relax was nice post vacation. It’s funny how coming back from a vacation needs a vacation.

I visited the Muggle Market on Saturday got an amazing ravenclaw ballpoint pen and the maker offered to make me a fountain pen version. Here is the pen!

IMG_0196 (1).jpg


Also I found some new boots that make me feel SUPER tall (I am not tall) and are comfortable as hell. Bonus points because they look like they could be worn on the normandy. IMG_0195

And a tiny bonus was the surprise credit in my amazon account when they redistributed from that class action lawsuit. Shocking I know I bought more books.

Let me know below what brightened up your week!


2 thoughts on “Something on Sunday: Oct. 22, 2017”

  1. Ooo I love those boots! I live in a place where it is not sensible to have that many boots because our boot season is very short, but I am nevertheless very weak for a good pair of boots. I have more ankle boots than, uh, might strictly be said to be necessary to my lifestyle.

    1. I have a similar problem. It’s not exactly winter in the carolinas for very long, but these are versatile enough for the ‘fall/winter/spring’ southern season I think.

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