Review: The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater


Oh boy. This one is embarrassing. I’ve had this ARC for way too long and I never finished it, but this month I was in the mood and decided I needed to finish the dang book! So here I am. All done and surprised!


The Raven Boys isn’t what you expect at least it wasn’t what I expected. It’s YA, but doesn’t really remind me of The Wolves of Mercy Falls which is what I’m familiar with by Stiefvater. This one is a really great adventure and interesting story. I found myself pretty hooked after I got into the idea of ley lines and alternate worlds of sorts.

Following Blue and the Raven Boys through this journey was great. Often heart wrenching, but still enjoyable. I really don’t think the description of the book really explains it enough honestly. The story really revolves around the boys and Blue discovering something pretty crazy happening around them and I kind of think I realize why it’s not more descriptive. I feel like I would literally be spoiling this entire story if I gave too much away.

I don’t love Gansey currently. Let’s call it what it is. He’s annoying and not the best character yet. He’s willing in a lot of ways to sacrifice his friends happiness for his quest. Though he also wants to collect his friends into one place so he can protect them. Blue is expected awkward beautiful girl. We got those YA tropes in full force, but I’m still left feeling curious enough to read book two and probably finish the whole series.

I think I need to go dig up the book 2 arc I have as well. Y’all seriously the ARC problem is bad sometimes. I will let things sit forever and realize I never got to them.

Final Thoughts

4/5 stars for interesting plot ideas and a really great group of kids to follow through the story.

I’ll keep reading the series and check back in soon with the rest of my thoughts.




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