Review: Dear Aaron by Mariana Zapata


Thoughts on the book

Need a break from reality? Dear Aaron gave me just that. This book and any other Mariana Zapata book features the best slow burn build up of relationships I have ever read. Always cute and always fun to read.

We start with Ruby who emails her soldier that volunteered for strangers to talk with him during a deployment. The book centers around email communication going back and forth for a while. Then they move onto skype chat and finally in person meeting!

It’s great to watch a digital relationship (which are just as valid as in person y’all!) evolve into something amazing. We really get to see Aaron and Ruby turn into something awesome and very realistic. I could really relate to the back and forth emailing situation and how it works when someone is deployed. I’m surprised by how right Zapata got all those bits. Often as a former military wife (he’s out now woo hoo!) I get pulled out of a story almost immediately when military stuff comes up.

If you are seeking some good character growth and story telling through mediums other than blocks of copy try this out.

Also Zapata sings to my heart when things like fandom and cosplay get mentioned. Love seeing things in my world enter the romance book world!

Final Thoughts

I can’t believe that Zapata just got another book in my 4-5 star rating club. I mean I’m not an I never give these type of reader I’m still stingy with them, but rarely does one author just constantly get 4 or 5 stars from me. Except Zapata. Seriously pick up Dear Aaron or any of her books for a great romance.

Some of the goodreads reviews comment on the writing issues or other things, but if you go in knowing this is a SLOW burn romance and I do mean SLOW it’s still a quick fun read. If you are wanting to try out a Zapata book Under Locke and Wall of Winnipeg and Me are my favorites.

Check it out on Amazon or Goodreads.  You won’t regret picking up anything by Mariana Zapata!

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