Something on Sunday

Jenny from Reading The End podcast posted last week about starting this up. I really think it’s beneficial. These are just about something good or beneficial from your last week they can be multiple items or just one so my post will vary.


I was shocked/surprised/elated a whole mixture of emotions when the SO decided to go to gamestop early Friday morning and attempt to pick up a SNES classic for me.

Bookish Stuff

Now for something less physical and more of an in person interacting thing. I’m excited that tonight is book club and I get to chat with some of my favorite people about a book. I often feel pretty alone in my reading so having the monthly book chat is always grand. Also I’m making the group read romance next month and a few members aren’t regular romance readers.



So what is your something on sunday? Let me know!

6 thoughts on “Something on Sunday”

  1. I started a book club at work last October, and it’s been a life changer. I make a curated list of choices for club members to pick from, and I’ve been considering a romance novel month sometime — because many aren’t romance readers but there’s tons of good stuff to discuss in a good romance!

    1. Hmm the idea of a curated list might help my work book club. I’ve been asked by a few people to help start one and I keep hesitating. I hate to read only one genre or be boxed in by peoples ideas around other genres.

      1. I started doing it to ensure diversity of offerings — so every month, there are authors of color, lgbtq+ authors, non-US/UK and/or another language than English authors, etc. on the list. Everyone has enjoyed the curated list — it’s a good group of readers and as it’s a work book club, if folks hate the pick, they don’t come — but there are still enough people who do come that we can discuss the read.

    1. It’s been one of the best experiences I’ve had for the last two years, BUT we are online only and I think that helps keep us meeting and not just all bailing. Maybe one day you can get it going again!

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