Review: Blood Guard by Megan Erickson



What happens if you spend your life moving around constantly not because your mom likes changing locations constantly? If you are moving to escape something you didn’t even know was a problem? That’s what Tendra finds out after meeting Athan. They have to journey through Mission City and avoid the rival vampires out to kill Tendra. 


I enjoyed this one a lot. I’m a sucker for vampire romances (yes I did it on purpose I’m full of good puns). This one is great we follow a rather headstrong heroine Tendra (Ten) who is not going to take shit from nobody even Athan who is your typical Alpha male. The story unfolds over a series of days on their path back to the Gregories compound. 
We follow them as they slowly figure out how to get along and survive together. Of course this doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing. There are some dumb mistakes made by Ten, but she recovers okay from them. Seeming to grow and learn her lesson as we move forward. We see her develop a good bit throughout the story. I liked that she was not going to take shit or let Athan make a bad decision in the end. Erickson manages to give us some really interesting glimpses into the world as they travel through underground Mission City. 
I was impressed at how a seemingly predictable plot unfolded and still surprised me. I enjoyed reading the story and how the characters fell in love with each other. There was enough happening to keep me very interested and engaged.                    

Final Thoughts:

Will I read the rest of the series: Yes

Cliffhanger Ending: No

Rating: 3 ½ out of 5  

Check out the book on goodreads and amazon!

I received Blood Guard in exchange for an honest review.


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