Hype Train

Hype Train: September Edition

Hello! It’s September and some good books seem to be on the horizon so let’s get excited!!! Yes I know I’m a little late on hyping September books, but like all good things a little late is okay. Let’s get to it!



First of all I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS SEQUEL. Okay maybe excited isn’t the right word but I’m all grabby hands and want it NOW! I flew through Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake and I got to the ending and let out a little scream. Seriously why you gotta do me that way? But it’s okay because September 19th is the release of One Dark Throne. Which I’m sure will also have me screaming. If you haven’t read Three Dark Crowns go get it soon and then join me in series despair. Here is the goodreads link so you can mark this one as a TBR!



Yes this one already came out. I’m late posting my hype. But I am super excited to experience the emotional abuse this plot line seems to guarantee. I’m ready well kind of?Everything I’ve seen so far makes this one sound like a great book. The premise had me sold pretty quickly. Here is the goodreads link for this one.


I’m a massive fan of the Grishaverse. I even preordered that Illumicrate box for this series. Like I can not wait. My one guilt is not having finished the Crooked Kingdom duology yet, but I will very soon! I’m meeting Leigh Bardugo this weekend at a book festival and I can’t wait to hear her talk. Seriously so pumped for the fairy tales of the Grishaverse. Check it out on goodreads and on September 26 when it releases.

Shadowhouse Fall.jpg

Last but in no way least is the sequel to Shadowshaper. I AM DYING FOR THIS BOOK! I love the crew featured I love the story the world all of it. Older is amazing and I devour his writing. The good news is on September 12 I should be devouring this book. Check it out on goodreads and I can’t recommend the series enough if you dig interesting magic systems in the real world.


So what book are you excited for in September or October? Let me know below so I can grow my TBR!

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