#TheReadingQuest August 21-27 Update

Week 2 is over and I’m on track to finish at least two quests lines. The rogue series was completed Saturday night, but I’m taking a little breather from books before starting a new one tonight for the Mage journey.


BeautyGloryThrift.jpgBook Published by a small press: Beauty, Glory, Thrift by Alison Tam

EXP: 20

HP: 5.5

I picked this one for it’s length. It’s a short story so perfect for a readathon and Book Smugglers published it. I adored this story it’s brief but a beautiful journey through space with a unexpected friend. 5/5




Banned Book: Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

EXP: 10

HP: 22.4

This was a tough read, but a very important one I think. Anderson manages to show a side of rape that we don’t often see. The mental effects it has on a person and how they may react to it. I really felt it was a beautiful way to talk about such a big problem in our world. 4/5


Open World: Hamilton The Revolution by Lin Manuel Miranda

EXP: 20

HP: 16.5

This was a listen to in a day at work audiobook for me. I really enjoyed the background it gave to the play and the process. 4/5



Partially obscured face: The Ghost Bride by Yhangze Choo

EXP: 20

HP: 36.4

 This book was amazing for a while, but quickly spiraled. I’m sad I felt a lot of promise around the story and concept. I was intrigued and hooked, but fell off because of plot getting lost. 3/5  

Completing the rogue quest netted me an extra 50 XP. 

In Progress Books:

Respawn: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova – Slowly working my way through this one. I should be done this week though I’m about 25% through the book, but as it’s audio it’ll take me most of next week to finish.

The First in a Series: Mask of Shadows by Linsey Miller an ARC I have and want to finish up to review for release this week.

This week’s Stats:

XP Earned: 70 TOTAL XP: 185

Level: 4

HP: 191

I feel pretty good about this adventure so far. I’m excited to keep on going by finishing the Mage path this week hopefully.

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