#TheReadingQuest August 13-20 Update

Week1QuestBoard.jpgI started with the Rogue’s journey. That as in all game styles called to me. Shocking I know I went with my default class in everything. I just like the stealthy stabbing.  And here I am with the stealthy reading adventure.

This week I managed to finish 4 books for the challenge.  Which means that by next week I should be done with the Rogue Challenge if I keep pace. Then I will start on the Mage Path. I plan to work clockwise around the board.



One Word Title: Tampa by Alissa Nutting

EXP: 10

HP: 27.2

This book was different. It’s incredibly different we follow Celeste a terrible human being who preys on young boys to the point that she became a teacher. Nutting manages to write a character that you spend the entire book rooting against and for her to end up in jail. Basically the book is entrancingly written, but my god it’s near impossible to recommend. 3/5 stars.




Less than 500 Goodreads Reviews: Greedy Pigs by Matt Wallace 

EXP: 10

HP: 22.4

Greedy pigs was a great continuation of the Sin Du Juor series. I read the first one for my book club and never stopped from there. They are quicker novella length books but follow a paranormal culinary adventures in the real world.  4/5 stars.





Multiplayer: Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi 

EXP: 20

HP: 30.5

Wow. This is a beautiful book.  I didn’t know if I would enjoy a generational novel, but this one just left me with so much. I feel very full of emotions after finishing this. It’s a must recommend for me now. The book takes the reader on a journey and really left me wanting to journey back to it. Go read it 5/5 stars.





Mini-Game: Monstress

EXP: 15

HP: 20.2

This was interesting. Beautiful art interesting story. I am kind of excited to read more of the series eventually. 4/5 stars.






In Progress Books

Respawn: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova – a book I almost finished, but stopped for some reason during college. Probably schoolwork. Anyways I started the audiobook to listen to while I work.

Partially Obscured Face: The Ghost Bride by Yangzhe Choo – my pick for obscured face has been on my TBR pile since it was picked for Vaginal Fantasy.  I haven’t started it yet, but it will be my book to start reading this evening.

This week’s Stats:

XP: 55 TOTAL XP: 65

Level: 2

HP: 102

How far have you made it on your quest? Let me know below!

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