#TheReadingQuest August 13 – September 10

I’m embarking on a quest August 13th until September 10th. I will attempt to complete the following board below. If you want to join me check out Read at Midnight’s blog!

The beautiful art around this challenge is from CJ at Read, Think, Ponder.

Here is the game board. I’m going to start with the Rogue Quest! reading-quest-board1.png

I’ve got somewhat of a gameplan and here is my Rogue strategy.  I plan to move right onto Mage after completing Rogue and make my way around the board clockwise. I’ll use my audio book or break reading to fill in the mini quests.


I will be posting a weekly update on my level and details as I journey. All books are being selected from things I already own or got from the library. Hopefully this can help me knock my TBR down a few notches before fall book release season!

Let me know if you are participating and what character class you started with.


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