Favorite Series

All Time Favorite Series: Historical Romance


I go through phases with my romance reading. I’ll binge on sports, historical, paranormal, contemporary just depending on my mood or what I’m full on. Lately I’ve been on a big historical romance binge.

Tessa Dare has a series called Castles Ever After. The first book Romancing the Duke is amazing. I was even able to ignore the heroine sharing a nickname I have. Book two Say Yes to the Marquess  is just as amazing with a prize fighter and a woman who is over waiting. Book three When a Scot ties the Knot is quite possibly the best one in this series. Madeline makes up scottish warrior and he turns out to be real. Someone is getting the letters she’s been dropping in the mail and shows up to claim his castle! It’s intense and amazing. I’ve got book four from the library all queued up and can’t wait to dive in.

Next we have Sarah MacLean my lady crush for feminist and women powered historical romance. I’m particularly in love with her Scandals and Scoundrel series like everyone else on the book internet seems to be. All three books in this series take on known incidences in hollywood gossip magazines, but put a historical twist on them. Book one The Rogue Not Taken is delightful and the rest of the series lives up to the first book in more way than one. We also get to experience an amazing set of siblings. Seriously girl powered to the max with this series. MacLean’s other series are also amazing to read so give them all a look if you are into historical romance or want to give it try.

My last pick for this post is the Spymaster series. I’ve not finished it yet, but so far no disappointment for me from these stories. The first book The Spymaster’s Lady is only 2.99 and features a really interesting heroine. Some solid adventure and does the classic romance thing of the series following a group of friends.

Let me know your favorite historical romance series in the comments!


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