How I Read So Much! – Library options and more!

I read a lot and if I were buying each book I read well I’d be broke. I’m a big fan of the library system and a few other methods to maximize my budget.

Especially now that overdrive offers the service Libby which makes audiobooks even easier.

My real secret though is I joined a library as an out of state/county member. A library with more resources than my local one and this means I can find most popular books digitally through overdrive.

I joined the Charlotte-Mecklenburg library system because it is only $45 a year and I can easily pop up to an actual branch if needed. It’s still local to me as that is the largest city to where I live.

Now to maximize my library memberships I joined my local one too and utilize overdrive to check out books from each library. This means doing some back and forth to see who has the shortest wait lists and then of course loading the book onto my kindle. If I see a book I want to read not available I often suggest it the library.

Next I use newsletters like booksbub and Bookriot to get sale information. They send daily emails with books on sale. This alerts me to something I may have heard about, but not picked up yet.

Kindle lending services can be really great for more indie books. A lot of independent authors have their books as lendable and this can help cut down costs. It’s not as reliable as other ways listed though.

Finally I utilize Ereaderiq.com for any book I’m interested in. I have hundreds of books in there waiting on price drops. Plus I can follow favorite authors and get alerts on all their books! I rarely pay full price for my ebooks. Usually I pay $3.99 or less for my ebooks. Ereaderiq really lets me maximize my reading budget by showing me the chart of past prices and if I should buy it now or wait! It also emails you when a book goes on sale that you request and compiles lists of freebies on their main page.

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