Fairy Tale Friday

Fairy Tale Friday: Geekerella by Ashley Poston


So obviously I LOVE fairy tale stuff. Seriously it’s my catnip or booknip I guess. Give me a solid retelling and I’ll be fangirling up and down the road about it. I’ll yell from the rooftops about it.

When I saw Geekerella was a thing and read the summary I was pretty much sold. Though slightly worried it would somehow not rock, but I was left thrilled by this entire book. It’s got my favorite trope in the You’ve Got Mail vein/trope.  My main concern revolved around the fandom and the world building. Would a real world new fandom fall a little flat for me or totally rock? Similairly to Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell the fandom was grounded in enough real world stuff I found it very relatable.

A wrong number text leads two strangers to meeting. They keep talking they bond they have some kinda romance via technology. SURPRISE they meet and don’t like each other, but quickly find out the other is the one on the other end. It’s the best.

Geekerella takes that puts it into the modern-day with texts, blogs and fandom. It’s delightful as can be. I loved Ella and Sage. I loved Darien Freeman and Starfield. I left this book inspired and excited for YA.

Ashley Poston wrote something amazing that is the best kind of love letter to fandom. I love fandom, but I also love watching my fandom grow. I can’t believe how cute this book was.

This book left me inspired enough to add a new quote to my art journal even. Below is what I created.


5/5 Stars. If you like fairy tale retellings, YA or fandoms give it a read. Well worth your time to read this book. Hopefully it leaves you feeling as positive and wonderful about the world as it left me.



Happy Reading!


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