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Fairy Tale Fridays: Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones


So every Friday I plan to talk about some kind of Fairy Tale themed book. I read a LOT of them so this week I’m going to review a book I just finished.

Wintersong takes a more forgotten fable if it doesn’t involve our beloved David Bowie version of the Goblin King. This isn’t your Jim Henson Goblin King. This is a time long ago in Bavaria with Goblin Kings, Changelings, and more!

It’s a wonderful book. I really enjoyed my time reading it. I’m not actually overly familiar with the original myth so Wintersong was refreshingly new. I really enjoyed learning more about the Goblin King. Also enjoyed how things unfolded.


I saw a lot of similarities to the movie, but also a much richer world that books allow authors to develop. Liesl is a character with tons of room to grow. And she does just that throughout the book not just with her own self knowledge but also her relationships with others. Oh and the love story is great. It always comes back to what would you sacrifice for someone you love romantically? What about family? You find out just that with this book.

Wintersong was great and I can’t recommend it enough to my fairy tale junkies.  Come dance with me and see the babe with the power granting Wintersong 4/5 Stars  – I’m excited to read the sequel in January 2018.

If you want to check the book out here it is on Amazon and Goodreads!

Let me know your favorite fairy tale book in the comments.

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