Flashback Friday

Final Fantasy VII Log 7 – Dyne How Do You Say That?

We rejoin our whiney hero Cloud at the Golden Saucer. It’s a colorful fun place filled with frustrating mini games and some boring parts too.

The first thing I did was run around the whole area in circles pretty much looking for the mini games I’d been told about. I was pretty excited when I found them until I realized how badly I sucked at all of them except Mog House. Soo I played Mog House for a while because I thought it was super cute. Okay yes I got distracted by the Mog House for a good chunk of time. Don’t judge me.

After that I ran around the area some more and got super excited when I picked up Cait Sith! Yes I’m going out of order a little bit because I did get Cait Sith before I played Mog house but but MOG HOUSE WAS SO AWESOME! Okay anyways I was excited to get a new party member. I always enjoy picking up new people in this game.

Finally after running around in circles enough I found where I was supposed to do and the HORRORS I was led to believe that Barett induced on those poor people. I was kinda shocked they insinuated that Barett would do something so terrible. Well of course this whole ordeal lands us in the lovely Corel Prison!

I wandered around talked to people then found the house with Barett inside who was throwing a fit like a pre-teen girl. Anyways he finally joins up with ya and you head north through the desert. Finally after stumbling around this huge heap of junk we meet Dyne. The person with the weirdest name so far in FF7. I’m still trying to figure out if you say it like ‘dine’ or what. And WHO THE HECK NAMES THESE CHARACTERS!
Alright we hear this long speil from Dyne and find out who Marlene’s parents are! Shocking!! I thought Barett just magically had a kid no momma in sight! Anyways after you fight Dyne he decides that suicide is the best option and jumps off the cliff into an abyss. Kinda sad and terrible way to end it if you ask me. I was kinda surprised to see that in this game too.

Now that we have the necklace and can prove that Dyne gave us permission it’s time to plan the escape of the prison! Off to the Chocobo races! This part was pretty fun. It took me two tries to win. I had to master how to not use too much boost but get far enough ahead to win. I enjoyed that portion of the game though and totally would have been fine with playing it longer.

Now I am in the buggy driving around the map being silly!


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