Flashback Friday

Final Fantasy VII Log 6: Extra Life Marathon

Well, Extra Life was almost a week ago now. I spent a major chunk of the first 8ish hours playing Final Fantasy VII. It was perfect actually. Definitely kept me VERY occupied and let the time fly by. I even closed out my day with some Final Fantasy VII to end my massive marathon.

We resume our journey just outside the chocobo farm. I finally figured out the exact combo to catch a chocobo. So I was messing up and many of you told me what I was doing wrong. My bestest bud Tony told me the cheapest food would do for catching a chocobo but I quickly learned no I should spend the money and I’d catch one pretty easily. With a little luck I got my chocobo and headed towards the swamp.

Pretty quickly I’m standing on the edge of the swamp in Midgar and seeing that looming shadow going through the water. I’m getting messages in the stream chat and on skype “be careful don’t get caught blah blah blah.” Well, in the process of reading that, I get attacked by the zolom. Yup that’s my luck so I die. Restart the catching a chocobo process and go back. Zolom gets me AGAIN and finally I managed to run away when the Zolom got me and figured out the perfect way to really scoot by him. Entered the cave and exploring I went!

Finally, I made it to Junon Area and started grinding out a few levels before continuing on. After a few misses I managed to start the whole Fort Condor side mission which I quickly decided was annoying and I may never go back to it. Who knows though. I was hoping it would be a lot more fun than it was, but found the whole process of placing troops and then their crazy slowness annoying. I finished that first mission up and proceeded to go wander through tons of forests to get Yuffie! She’s my new favorite character to have in my party.

After leveling everybody up to level 16 (most my characters were 17-18) I entered Junon!  Now began what I was forewarned as a very annoying portion to come. I went and talked to the random girl saved her life then used Mr. Dolphin to reach the next part of the tower. Which I have a bone to pick about that tower sending electricity into the water as it would spread through a good section of the water, but in the game somehow Mr.Dolphin is able to jump you onto the bar and then fall into the area that the shock previously dispersed to. It’s just not safe. Cooked Mr. Dolphin is on the way.

Shinra soldier uniform acquired and suddenly I was thrust into the parade. This was definitely the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever had to deal with in this game. It was a culmination of all my frustrations and annoyances. I just could not get a good score at joining the parade. I ended up scoring a 10% or something and got a grenade! After this I did the sending off ceremony for Rufus’ crazy ass and was loaded onto a ship.

I found the boat to Costa Del Sol was a pretty amusing portion of the game. First of all seeing Barret dressed up as a sailor was amazing. It definitely put me into a fit of giggles made any and all annoyances worth it. Also seeing Susie (Red XIII) pretend to be human was hilarious. Now I busted through this portion the alarm sounded and I fought the weird Jenova tentacle thingy. That fight took FOREVER and EVER!

After escaping the boat into Costa Del Sol I explored found Hojo on the beach with tons of ladies and headed forth on my journey to Mount Corel. The old train tracks were pretty fun to walk all over but really I think secretly it was rollercoaster tracks because of the giant hills on them.  The only annoying part was when you fell through the tracks in some spots and I found I wasn’t able to really move and catch the different items hidden. Eventually I made it to the switch, lowered the drawbridge, and continued on into the Golden Saucer surrounding area…


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