Flashback Friday

Final Fantasy VII Log 5: Motorbikes and Materia Caper!

Before you begin reading this blog I want you to turn this on.

Alright we can begin now. I just finished up the motorcycle chase part which yeah pretty much best music ever. Hence why I’m telling you to listen to it. Now that portion took me FOREVER because I didn’t realize that cure was heal like a dummy. Once I found out that equipping cure and all meant I could heal my whole group during that boss battle I was set. Before that it was death after the twin burner move almost every single time.

Luckily for you I hit my breaking point pushed past it and beat him! YAY! Then I moved on leaving Midgar finally. I got to explore that GIANT map! And holy crap is the world map massive. I kept being told by folks about how big it was but I guess I just didn’t believe them until I saw it. Anyways I wandered around a bit and killed some stuff before finding the village Kalm and learning all about Cloud.

Now I have to say I was super surprised by some of the revelations in the inn. It was pretty cool to see that Sephiroth didn’t start out totally bat shit, but turned that way because of his past. It was neat to see how that whole thing evolved along with how Tifa and Cloud got past it all.  I finished up that part pretty quick since I was eager to get back into the world map and explore some more.

This of course led me to the Chocobo farm! Chocobos are so cute! But I was kind of worried as to why a small child was in charge of the chocobo farming? I quickly learned to my frustration that they had no chocobos for sale or rent or whatever so I had to catch my own. Really? Which is where I’m at now which sucks. I’ve attempted to catch one a few times but they always run off before I have the chance. Hopefully my attempts are fruitful soon though.

Overall though still enjoying the game and can’t wait to play  more tomorrow during Extra Life! Also if you donate a minimum of $10 you will be entered into a raffle to win a cross stitch of any of the characters listed here!


For a full list of game logs go here!

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