Flashback Friday

Final Fantasy VII Log 4: Shinra Tower – All Them Stairs

Finally! I am about level 15 now with Cloud and have begun the adventure from Wall Market up the golden wire to Shinra. Now, this kind of goes without saying since it’s a game log but I may be spoiling stuff if you have never played FFVII so you’ve been warned.

I have to say I REALLY enjoyed this part. This section of the game has me actually liking FFVII. That’s right, words I never thought I’d say, but I am getting attached to this game at nearly 10 hours in. I’m pretty invested in what happened to Aeris and her background thing with the ancients.

I died in a fit of giggles when they talked about the wire you climb to reach Shinra, but soon found myself impressed at the genius of having to use batteries to move this or that item around so you could reach the top. It was a great mechanic. Also loved that to sneak into Shrina you have to run up all these stairs that have been left unprotected. Really Shinra? You have this top notch security inside but the stairs are left there open. Genius!

The whole fetching key cards to reach different levels I felt was a good mechanic that didn’t get super annoying for me. I found it kind of a nice break from just go here go there. Much more thought has to be put into what you are doing and where you find the key cards.

Finally you see the scary booby monster Jenova who obviously ends up escaping because why wouldn’t that happen. So you follow the bloody trail from the booby monster and find the Shinra president dead! Sephiroth killed him and now you go meet his son Rufus, the gangster in a white suit! I enjoyed this portion of the game until you separate and are on the elevator going down fighting that tank. That part took me two attempts because I didn’t equip the right magic for Barrett and Red (Susie Q in my game). That was an extremely frustrating moment for me and by the time I beat that boss I felt very much like derpy pony. I mean it was so flippin easy the second time around!

Finally we escape Shinra tower on a motorcycle and a truck. Whole gang in tow and the chase begins….

For those that have been watching me live stream FFVII thanks a bunch it’s a ball having everybody in chat while I play 😀
Also be sure to sponsor me for Extra Life if you can! Every single dollar counts! And I will be playing a ton of FFVII during it so be sure to check out my live stream!


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