Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Final Fantasy VII Log 1 – I’m Barret

YAY! It’s Flashback Friday where I chronicle my experiences playing old games. Some of which I’ve never played before and some I have. The next few weeks of these will be one I have never played before though Final Fantasy VII. Yup the famed FFVII game that everyone thinks is amazing. It’s time for me to form my own opinion about it as I trudge through the gameplay.

I’m currently at about 3ish hours in and sitting in the Market where you see Tifa jump on the cart, but let’s rewind to the beginning.

I’ve tried to play FFVII before but I have never could get into it or figure out how the controls worked etc… The biggest thing I noticed this time around was my voicing all the characters pretty much has made the game amazing. Call it lame I don’t care but it keeps my interest level way up in the game. Especially with the weird stuff Barret says. Oh Cloudy is super whiney too and that kind of drives me up a wall.

This is how I feel about Cloud

There was one major thing I’ve noticed while playing through the game. Nobody talks about the crazy polygonial graphics. I mean the boobs are like triangles. It cracks me up for the most part. And refer to above photo.

So now that I’ve trudged my way through more of the game there is shocking news! I’ve gotten over the old 3D graphics and I love the game so far. It’s interesting and stopping when Tifa was on the cart was difficult for me since I wanted to see what happened, but knew I need to write a huge log on what I’ve done so far.

So what have I done in the game so far?

  • Reactor 1 – I had never made it past this before the first time I played the game. It was a good run through of the basics of the game. It is very weird seeing the flat backgrounds with the blocky 3D characters
  • Reactor 2 – This was the most frustrating part of the game so far to me. It didn’t work the same as the first Reactor and I kept thinking I’d activated the bomb but hadn’t actually. Yes I’m an idiot I know, but man I was getting so angry with that part not working right.
  • Sector 5 Slums – A fun section especially with Aeris being all ninja like and finding out you snuck out of the house, but she somehow ran into you at the exit of that area before you left. That girl is FAST.

Finally I want to mention that Simon from The Inbetweeners and Cloud have the same hair. I mean if Cloud’s hair was do-able IRL it would totally look like Simon’s! Or maybe I’m just crazy but I think that is the case.

And if you are interested in hearing me voice Barret I have a podcast that we are doing commentary for the game on while I play through it.  That can be found here.

Oh if you’ve never played a game that folks consider amazing please share it with me in the comments! I want to not feel so alone in this whole missing an amazing game thing.


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